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The Savvy Blog is a sassy little blog about public relations, journalism and politics, with occasional diversions. New posts show up about twice a week, most of them written by Dennis Bailey, president of Savvy, Inc., a leading public relations firm in Portland, Maine, with infrequent guest posts from bloggers around the country. Please offer your comments and subscribe by submitting your email in the form above. And Connect with . Thanks.

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Three Weeks and Counting – Will Maine Elect a New Governor?

Maine candidates for governor

There were a handful of national political reporters on hand last week when the three candidates for governor finally met in the first of their long awaited debates. And who can blame them? The narrative of a highly unpopular tea-party governor running for reelection in a mostly blue state is irresistible. And to the Rachel Maddows of the world, it’s unfathomable that he could actually win. A columnist for the Boston Globe even went out on a limb last week and predicted that Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud would defeat incumbent Governor Paul LePage.

Who's going to win Maine Governor's race?

Savvy Survey of Maine Governor's race

The results are in. Savvy's Survey of the 2014 Maine Governor's Race produced some interesting, even surprising, results. But before we get to that, let me explain a few things.

Take Savvy's Survey of the 2014 Maine Governor's Race

Savvy's poll on Maine Governor's Race

OK, this is just for fun. But before the real campaign gets underway in a few weeks, after Labor Day, and before every organization in the free world starts releasing their own public opinion surveys, I thought I would poll readers of my blog to get a rough idea of how things stand.

Again, this is just for fun. Highly unscientific. But I generally get several thousand views on my blog, especially when I write about the governor's race (or the Zumba prostitute), and I have several hundred subscribers. Not sure if that's a real random cross section of the Maine electorate, but what the hell.

How speechwriting (and sound bites) make policy - and news

Sound bites make a presentation memorable

[Originally published April 12, 2012 - A summer rerun]

Will a paywall save your local newspaper? Not like this.

Portland Press Herald paywall

My local newspaper, The Portland Press Herald, recently erected a “paywall” for non-subscribers. Instead of getting all of the newspaper’s content online for free, now readers will be forced to subscribe once they’ve read 10 free stories a month.

Media Training 101: When talking points don't work

PR and talking points

Before nearly every interview or public appearance by a politician or local official, there's usually some aide or flak (like me) who says, "Don't forget your talking points." But anyone who confuses talking points with an actual script can fall into trouble and turn what could have been a positive interview into a public relations disaster.

In the age of social media, direct mail still works.....sometimes

Direct mail pieces

It's that time of year – pre-primary – when mailboxes in my neighborhood are full of last-minute direct-mail appeals urging votes for or against various causes and candidates. In this age of social media and online advertising, you might ask why companies and candidates still rely on snail mail to get their message out and persuade voters. Three words: because it works.

Media Training 101: When you're in the hot seat, don't be a jerk.

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

If you saw 60 Minutes last week, you know all about high frequency trading and how it has corrupted the stock market and big Wall Street investment firms. If you didn't see it, it's going to take a minute to explain.

How Eliot Cutler can win the 2014 race for Maine governor

Independent candidate Eliot Cutler

He can’t.

How Mike Michaud can win the 2014 Maine governor's race

Congressman Mike Michaud

(Note: This is the second of three blog posts examining how each of the three declared candidates for Maine governor – incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage, Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud, and independent lawyer/lobbyist Eliot Cutler – can forge a path to victory in the 2014 race for the Blaine House.)

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