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The Savvy Blog is a sassy little blog about public relations, journalism and politics, with occasional diversions. New posts show up about twice a week, most of them written by Dennis Bailey, president of Savvy, Inc., a leading public relations firm in Portland, Maine, with infrequent guest posts from bloggers around the country. Please offer your comments and subscribe by submitting your email in the form above. And Connect with . Thanks.

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Crisis management and the Brian Williams affair

Brian Williams

To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful. It is as simple as that.” — Edward R. Murrow

The Superbowl Ads: Big Sale or Public Relations Fail?

Paid, earned and owned media

The commercials during the Superbowl are often as highly anticipated as the game itself. Every year, companies outdo themselves trying to create the most memorable ads, the ones that will spark conversation, get talked about the next day and create PR and social media buzz.

Public relations flap: Should the Times publish Charlie Hebdo covers?

The New York Times

The decision by The New York Times to publish – or not to publish – images of the Charlie Hebdo covers that so inflamed radical Muslims and led to the slaughter of the paper’s editor and cartoonists was an extremely difficult one. In her column, the public editor, Margaret Sullivan, explores the decision by executive editor Dean Baquet not to reprint the images and examines all angles of the controversy.

The trouble with Uber: Bad press or bad public relations?


Does the news media have it in for Uber? The wildly popular and successful ride-share app that has attracted billions in Silicon Valley investment dollars has also attracted a slew of bad press, putting the company in near constant crisis communications mode.

Fox News’ Stunning Confession: “We’re Stupid!”

Senator Angus King

If every interview on Fox & Friends went the way of a recent one with Maine Senator Angus King, I might actually watch the show.

Why Maine Gov. Paul LePage won (and the Democrats lost)

The election for Maine governor

Did tea-party Republican Gov. Paul LePage win his campaign for reelection, or did the Democrats lose? There’s a difference.

The Maine Event: What to watch for on Election Night

Gov. Paul LePage

I’ve said it before: for us political junkies, Election Day is the worst. Unless you’re directly involved in GOTV efforts for the candidates, there’s really nothing to do. The speeches have been made, the ads have been placed, the campaigning is over. So you wait and watch your Twitter feed, go to lunch or the gym, maybe call a few contacts to see if anyone has any good exit polling.

Three Weeks and Counting – Will Maine Elect a New Governor?

Maine candidates for governor

There were a handful of national political reporters on hand last week when the three candidates for governor finally met in the first of their long awaited debates. And who can blame them? The narrative of a highly unpopular tea-party governor running for reelection in a mostly blue state is irresistible. And to the Rachel Maddows of the world, it’s unfathomable that he could actually win. A columnist for the Boston Globe even went out on a limb last week and predicted that Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud would defeat incumbent Governor Paul LePage.

Who's going to win Maine Governor's race?

Savvy Survey of Maine Governor's race

The results are in. Savvy's Survey of the 2014 Maine Governor's Race produced some interesting, even surprising, results. But before we get to that, let me explain a few things.

Take Savvy's Survey of the 2014 Maine Governor's Race

Savvy's poll on Maine Governor's Race

OK, this is just for fun. But before the real campaign gets underway in a few weeks, after Labor Day, and before every organization in the free world starts releasing their own public opinion surveys, I thought I would poll readers of my blog to get a rough idea of how things stand.

Again, this is just for fun. Highly unscientific. But I generally get several thousand views on my blog, especially when I write about the governor's race (or the Zumba prostitute), and I have several hundred subscribers. Not sure if that's a real random cross section of the Maine electorate, but what the hell.

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